Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Hello and welcome on this winter Wednesday. The wind is howling throwing fallen leaves into mini tornado's! Enough of the weather, time to share Chopstick's a Jaybird Quilts design.
Kerryn, owner of The Country Yard asked me to custom quilt her sample, yippie this quilt is super nice! Here is the 'before-quilting' photo......................

Kerryn supplied the cotton/poly batting. The quilt measures 62" x 83" and is made using Moda fabric by Sweetwater called "Sunday Supper".

Using Glide thread in the colours 'Linen' and 'Ocean' I set to work play!! Using a straight edge ruler and one of my ProEcho rulers and free hand quilting.

Kerryn requested the "Full Quiltmekiwi Binding Service", which is to attach pre-made binding (or I can make it) to the back and bring forward to the front of the quilt top stitching in place, or attach the binding to the front the quilt and hand stitch the binding to the back of the quilt. In this case Kerryn wanted the binding completely attached by machine.

The whole quilt, quilted and binding attached ready to hang in the shop along with fabrics, patterns and kits.

                 Last week I celebrated another birthday and I was treated to some lovely presents!

Thank you my friends and loved ones. Last weekends tramping was a treat also, after a short drive to Sandy Bay we had a lovely walk through farm land, forest, beaches and Whananaki where we stopped at the local country school to share in a Mid winter Christmas lunch.

           Every single time I am out exploring I feel so lucky to be apart of all the beauty.

The last couple of weeks has been very slow progress on my Running Zebra quilt, but I do have a neck and mane!

Linking up with the lovely Linda and Julie for "Sew-Stitch-Snap-Share". Thanks ladies, you are keeping me somewhat motivated!

Thank you for stopping by, happy creating and take time to enjoy the paradise you live in!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Edge to edge quilting hits the spot sometimes.........................

Maybe your quilt is going to be used as a utility quilt, or for a child (think making huts, dragged around the floor!) or simply your budget dictates the choice of edge to edge (all over quilting design - E2E). Jacki and Anne both chose E2E quilting both are very different styles of quilts.
First is Anne's sampler quilt made for a friend who lives in Sweden.

Measuring 82" square this will make a beautiful quilt on a bed, a good size to cuddle under.
Anne chose the ever popular "Camellia's" for the pattern and Glide thread in the colour 'Mocha' and Polyester batting.

Next is Jacki's quilt.........................................

Jacki's husband's nieces mother (do you get that?) started this quilt several years back and when she passed away from Breast Cancer, Jacki being the kind hearted person she is decided to finish it and then give it to the niece as a remembrance of her mother...........such a special thing to do!

A few people in Jacki's sewing group helped by making a few blocks but the bulk of this large quilt was all Jacki's doing. Jacki asked for 'organic' straight lines going vertically. I used Glide thread in the colour 'Military Gold'.

The quilt measures 74" x 96" and the design is by Elizabeth Anne called 'Echo's of the Past'. The quilt has a real Mexican/ ethnic look about it.

Simon wants to know now that all that quilting is done will I play with him?

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Custom Quilting Pat's Moroccan Lanterns

Hello again! Followers on Facebook and Instagram have enjoyed snippets of Pat's super yummy 'Moroccan Lantern' quilt. A design exclusive to The Apple Basket .

Measuring 80" x  92" Pat chose wool/polyester batting and a lovely deep charcoal/black backing fabric, hoping to keep this quilt fresh and appealing enough for Pat's 12yr old grandson. I used Glide and Superior's Fantastico threads.

Keeping in mind this quilt was going to be for a young man we banned any 'frilly-dilly' quilting pushing it's way onto this quilt! Swirls and straight lines seemed a good masculine choice.

After a break over coffee I finally came up with the design for the 'lanterns'. A series of angled double lines to create a diamond effect much like a lantern.

Thank so much Pat, here's hoping your grandson will love the quilt, if not I know there will be some included!

While walking on Sunday back from Cape Brett I spotted these Fungi on a tree, I thought they were really pretty. Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Custom quilting for Lesley

Hello June! Winter is finally arriving to the 'winterless' north of Northland! A chilly start this morning but a lovely sunny day. I know some of my overseas followers are starting summer.
Today I can share with you the quilt Lesley has made for her sister.
Lesley asked for custom quilting, cotton batting and a nice mustard backing fabric. Included were two cushion tops to be quilted the same as the quilt to make a nice set. This system works well as I just loaded the cushion tops on to the same batting and backing, saving time and money.

Here you can see I chose the wrong time of the day for outdoor photo's! This is my best spot for getting the whole quilt in the frame of the photo.

I enjoyed working out a design for these large nine patch blocks. using my Proecho (Lisa Calle) curved rulers I divided up the area and added some curved cross-hatching.

Swirl/feather design for the red sashing and a loose flowing feather for the border. I have used Glide threads. The mustard sashings were quilted with a simple diamond design, I will admit I would have loved to fill in each side with a heavy filler to make more of a 'diamond', sometimes I just have to pull the handbrake on!

When I gave Lesley some options for the stitchery blocks she chose cross-hatching over the stitchery but not over the applique. I decided straight line cross-hatching would look pleasing to the eye rather diagonal cross-hatching that I often quilt. Do you see Lesley has coloured in some of her stitchery?

Lesley came up with the design of this quilt, clever women! I'm sure Vi - Lesley's sister will be over the moon at such a lovely and thoughtful gift.

There are the two cushions, ready to be trimmed and made into cushions ready to adorn Vi's bed!
I received this email from Lesley which was very humbling to me: Thank you!

Hi Leeanne,
I received my quilt early this morning and I just cried when I saw it. It is so beautiful, love all what you have done. The backing is stunning. I am sure Vi is going to love it. I am going to Perth in October so will take it with me.
thank you so much. Until next time
Cheers Lesley

Over the last month or so I have been working on a new exciting project for myself . In the evenings and weekends when the mood strikes it's nice to have something to potter with in my sewing nook. Last year when I quilted Juliet's Running Zebra quilt (see here) it was love at first sight for me! I promptly purchased Juliet's pattern. Cute to read in the pattern Juliet gives credit to her!

I then set about trying to source the same fabrics Juliet had used..........not so easy! Here in New Zealand we are months behind the eight ball and so often don't even get half of the yummy fabrics on offer from the American designers. I did manage to get one small bundle of fat quarters but that was not going to be enough, so I 'bit the bullet' and purchased from America, I do like to support local, but I had my heart set on this fabric........and when it arrived I wasn't disappointed.

Please don't sit at your computer waiting to see the finished may take awhile!
Linking up with Linda and Julie for 'Sew-Stitch-Snap-Share" Thanks creative ladies!
A little more self indulgence sharing, my over night tramping trip on the weekend to Cape a few photo's. Have I said I live in paradise?

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and thank you to those who leave lovely comments!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lois' Kiwiana Stack n' Whack quilt

Welcome back to my little quilting corner. If you follow me on Facebook and now Instagram you will have seen the sneak peeks of Lois' quilt, finally I have got through some other quilts to show you Lois' New Zealand (Kiwiana) flavoured quilt!

Made for her great nephew in Canada from a fabulous selection of New Zealand, or what is commonly known as "Kiwiana" fabrics.

Lois wanted edge to edge quilting and let me choose something suitable, I went with 'Allure' which looks just like a Maori fish hook when I Googled 'Maori bone fish hook' the meaning was perfect for the person receiving this quilt : "when made from bone or greenstone they represent strength, good luck and safe travel across water".

Lois also pieced the backing from Kiwiana fabrics..................look at it, isn't it amazing! This lovely quilt is off to make a new home in Canada with a young man that will surely love it!
I have a couple more quilts to share with you but I will save those for another post, I will sign off with a few photo's of my last tramping trip.

Opua/ Russell loop was a real mix of everything really. We had a two ferry rides, some bush walking, some board walks, beach walking, coffees and icecreams! A lovely walk more than tramping/hiking.