Saturday, July 23, 2016

Simply Red, Simply ditch stitching.................

Hello and welcome! The quilt I am about to show will NOT have you enjoying some fancy quilting, because there is none, zip, naadaa!
But what you will see is a beautiful quilt, lovingly designed, appliqued and pieced.

The facts about this stunning quilt, to the best of my knowledge:

Design, piecing and applique by Sharon Keightley of Pine Valley Quilts - Link to this quilt *here*
Matilda's Own Wool/polyester batting.
Ditch stitching - me!

When Sharon asked me if I would do some quilting for her I was quite surprised as Sharon is a very accomplished quilter in her own right, what on earth did she want me for??
 Big dead lines, too many quilts to baste, that dreaded basting can bring you domestic quilters to your knees - literally!! Sharon asked me to please ditch stitch and she would do the rest of the fancy quilting. Happy to! Ditch stitching can be very tedious and if I'm, honest very boring! But it must be done - unless you have chosen edge to edge quilting, then it is not necessary.
So there you have it, please keep an eye out on Sharon's blog and facebook pages to see what quilting Sharon does do, I'm sure it will be a winner! I'm sure you will be tempted by her lovely patterns.

Last Sunday I went tramping to a magic spot called MimiWhangata. We were lucky with the weather only one wild wet shower of rain then the rest of the day was fine, except the wind, that was strong in exposed places, it had us grabbing our woolly hats . But as usual the not so good stuff about tramping are out weighed by the views, such spectacular scenery.

The beaches

The farmland

The lunch spot!

                                              Then it was time to head back home!

Home to work on some more of your quilts. Sneak peeks of one I have finished and other half way through.

Stay tuned for an update next week for these two beautiful quilts. Until them, be happy, be safe and keep on patchin' that fabric!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Family time, a couple of special quilts and a win!

Welcome friends, readers and 'stalkers'! (those followers that don't comment here on my blog but surely do when I meet you in the street, supermarket etc where you comment face to face :-)
I have enjoyed a lovely visit from my soon to been nine- year-old granddaughter, she sewed more guinea pig 'quilts', fabric boxes, played lego, visits to the playground and coloured and painted (we found out that the paints were oil paints, so water doesn't get the brushes clean!)

                          A chocolate cake was made and decorated by the nearly nine year old.
While she was content at 'her' machine making bits and pieces I whipped up a quilt for Briana. When my sister told me about Briana I immediately thought I would make a quilt and happily donated to the family's "Give -a -Little" page. Please read about this wee girl and her family *here*. 

Made from 84 - 5" squares, then 6 plain squares for Briana's appliqued name. 84 different eye spy fabrics, 5" wide border, Matilda's Own polyester batting, scrappy backing and binding.

Edge to edge quilting:"Splash" using Perma Core Mother Goose colour. More and more I am attaching the binding completely by machine, they are more hard wearing and less time consuming :-)

Another quilt recently gifted was for my great niece, she recently turned nine and phoned me up to say how she loved her quilt.........that makes me feel all warm and fuzzie inside when the kids love their quilts!

Made from my treasured Wee Wander fabrics and some other fabrics from my stash that went nicely with these scrummy fabrics. Another scrappy backing, Matilda's Own Polyester batting, "Whirls" edge to edge quilting using Madeira's Aeroquilt thread in the colour shown ......................

Finished off with a sweet embroidered vintage linen for the label................................

                                        I really enjoy making quilts for others, do you?

Last week I got the surprise of my life, a phone call from Anna at the New Zealand Quilter Magazine to say I had won a Go Accuquilt Cutter!! Talk about feeling so lucky and excited!

So with all the excitement and joys of the past week it is back to quilting some really beautiful quilts that sit waiting patiently in "The Pile"for their turn to have me and my awesome machine quilt up some finishing touches.
Thanks so much for your all comments, encouragement and friendship, some days you make my day!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Wrapping up the week...............................

        Wrapping up the week with two quilts, first is Vasanthia's "Scandinavian Rose".

Vasanthia has lovingly stitched this striking quilt for her daughters 10th wedding anniversary present.
A Rosalie Quinlin design. Vasanthia hasn't added all the stitcheries in this design just choosing ones that suited her daughter and a different setting from the Rosalie's original.

Vasanthia didn't want any quilting on the stitchery blocks, but I convinced her it was necessary to 'anchor' those large blocks down. I did so with 'SID' around the bulk of the stitcheries using a fine thread. I quilted a meandering loopy/leafy vine in the background after I framed each stitchery with three rounds of straight stitching using Glides 'Garnet' thread.

Using the same thread I quilted a continuous swirl on the border and viola..................finished!

For the back lovers a shot of the back, but the back looks pink rather than it's true red! A common theme when I photograph reds!

Next is Sue's BIG log cabin quilt made for her grandson over in Texas, who is getting married in September and his wife- to- be most favourite colour is purple! Sue had me quilt and edge to edge design of hearts, I used Lorien Quilting design 'Amour' and Madeira Aeroquilt variegated thread in purples and teals.

Here it is on my machine, at the time we were experiencing lots of rain so an full outside photo was out  of the question! The quilt measures 95" x 95", Matilda's Own Polyester batting.

Thank you Vasanthia and Sue, may your family love and cherish their quilts. I am taking a small break from quilting as I spend treasured time with my granddaughter who is coming to stay! So looking forward to enjoying her sweet company.
I will be back soon before you know it with more beautiful quilts!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Veron's Garden................................

This has been what feels like to me a 'epic' quilting job! Some quilts seem to spend a long time on my machine, while others breeze through without so much as a blink of the eye! So without further a do........................perhaps a drum-roll would heighten the excitement!

The details to the best of my knowledge:

'Veron's Garden' - named by me as this was Veron's creation.
Machine Applique - batik fabrics
Matilda's Own polyester batting
Glide thread
90" x 102"
Free hand custom quilting by me.
Feather border inspired by Jamie Wallen

I felt the need to keep the quilting classic looking, feathers, cross-hatching - with a trellis look and micro stipple to help give some areas some 'pop'.

Veron once again gave me a creative licence over this quilt, for that I am ever so thankful to her for her trust and friendship.

Now a snippet of the delicious back!

So that marks the last of Veron's quilts ( for now), if you missed the last three please see *here* - *here* and *here*.

Last week I posted off a birthday present to my friend Julie, I had managed to make two small handmade items for her, one I forgot to take a photo of and this:

A freebie pattern from Moda Bakeshop called "Moda Love". I had made myself one over the Christmas period but in Kansas Troubles fabrics. They are both made with Mini Charms or 2 1/2" squares. The one for Julie was from the leftovers of my Angel Story quilt.

               Just thought I'd pin Julie's one up in the same spot mine hangs for the photo.
Simple straight lines for the quilting and machine sewn binding and just like that it's done!

Measuring : 12" x 12"

From the same pattern you have the choice to make the mini -from a mini charm pack( 2 1/2" squares), a medium sized one - from a charm pack (5" squares) and a nice large one, just like this one I made my sister last year using a Layer cake (10" squares).

Measuring :73" x 73"

           These past few weeks the love story continues aboard the Biscornu.................................

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

"Happy Birthday Barbara".............................

When a notable birthday rocks around and you are asked to contribute to the making of a quilt for a friend it's nice to say 'yes I can help'. Several of Barbara's friends stitched and pieced blocks, my part was the quilting part. Here it is as it arrived in my studio pre quilting....................

Pretty darn amazing don't you think! Now for the quilting part, there are some close ups so you can see some of the blocks, rather than just a birds eye view.

Sometimes when I quilt these types of quilts I like to let a bit of my cheeky personality spring forth!

I wonder what 'notable' year it was for Barbara?

                                       The following block came all the way from England!


So there you have it, each year another birthday comes around and you just never know what the 'fairies' might bring you! The finished quilt.

I just remembered I took a photo of Barbara receiving her beautiful quilt! Here she peeping out with several tears in her eyes.

To finish this post off here is the latest quilt on my machine, it's a big job, lots of quilting! Back to it. Thanks for stopping by.